Maalu Maalu upcycled rug 105x155 cm

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  • kr995.00 DKK

Maalu Maalu is a Danish interior company based in Copenhagen. Maalu Maalu find, design and import upcycled Srilankan rugs made of leftover fabric and labelmaterial from the textile industry in Sri Lanka. The rugs are handmade by self-organized women sewing the rugs in their own homes.

Every Maalu Maalu rug has its own style. Patterns and stitching are often asymmetric which gives each rug its own unique look. There is therefore only one of each rug and few alike.

Each unique piece can vary a few cm from the stated measurements, and loose threads can occur. These can easily be removed without any significance for the rug. We recommend the use of a slipmat under the rug if used on the floor.

The rugs are machine washable on gentle cycle/ max 40 degrees. A shrinkage of around 5% can occur as the rugs are made of different materials. Shake the rug well when still wet and use a lint roller to fluff up the threads when dry again.

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